What is Biometric Authentication?

Biometric authentication refers to identifying individuals based on their physical characteristics or traits. Biometric identifiers are unique, measureable characteristics used to tag individuals which can be later used for the purpose of accurately identifying individuals within a group.

There are different forms of Biometric identifiers which include iris and retina scanning, fingerprints and hand geometry, face and voice recognition.

The Need for Biometric Authentication

Traditional means of access control or identification rely on security guards or known fallible electronic devices such as token, password or PIN based authentication which could be compromised, lost or stolen. Using biometric authentication does away with these worries. Since biometric identifiers are unique to an individual and unlikely to be lost or stolen they offer a more reliable way in verifying identities. Biometrics might soon be become the most accepted way of providing access control because of their assurance, reliability, speed and convenience.

Why IRIS recognition?

Iris recognition is a form of Biometric identification like fingerprinting or faces recognition except that it is a far more secure and fool-proof method making it the least prone to misuse. The pattern of the Iris is randomly formed during gestation and remains stable for the most part of a person’s life. Most commonly performed medical procedures also do not affect the Iris. Also, since the Iris is an internal organ it is well protected against damage. Even for identical twins and both eyes of an individual, the texture of the Iris is different.

The Iris scan eliminates the need to touch any equipment and can be captured from a distance of a few centimetres to a few meters. This eliminates many social, cultural or hygiene issues.

The technology is highly scalable and easily integrates into existing security systems or can be operated as standalone.

The recent advancements in the Iris recognition technology have made cost effective solutions available to a much larger and diverse customer base.