Security Systems

Our Iris recognition devices enhance the default security level for your secure storage areas. By using our products you can incorporate an additional multi-factor authentication; one a PC based password and the second layer being a more secure and stable Iris recognition system. The options are customizable based on the requirement and feasibility of our customers. As we continue to innovate our security solutions, a brief description of our current offerings is given below:

Safes and File Cabinets :

Most file cabinets are accessed using a key and safes using numerical combination. Not the best way to protect the valuables, documents or information!!

Our custom made security products can integrate additional layers of security. Our unique solutions integrated with an Iris recognition solution to operate the file cabinets and Safes issafes are an assurance of the highest level of security for the valuables such as jewellery, documents and many more.

Lockers and Door Locks:

Conventional lockers and doors use a key to grant access. This method of access is prone to misuse due to theft or duplication of the key itself. By adding our Iris based authentication these vulnerabilities can be addressed to provide a more secure, restricted access mechanism to lockers and doors.

Corporate and residential buildings can use a central controlling unit to monitor and secure multiple entry points using the Iris recognition system or a standalone unit for a single entry point.

A kiosk based system is available to control access to multiple lockers for many areas such as health clubs, corporate buildings, banking lockers and locker rooms.