Identity Management

Border Control and Port Security: â€‹Many airports, land border crossings or seaports around the world can reduce the waiting time for “low-risk” passengers through a hassle-free and fast immigration process using Iris recognition. Passengers enter a designated zone where they go through Iris verification without having to wait to see an Immigration Officer at Passport Control. Once authenticated, they walk through without further check.  The system has their Iris patterns and passport details stored. 

An increasing number of countries are also considering incorporating Iris scans into their passports making it difficult and expensive to forge the document.

Port Security can also be further enhanced by using Iris recognition; access to sensitive areas such as the tarmac, ATC, berthing bays can be controlled. Employees, flight and ship crew, law enforcement officials can easily be identified and provided access to appropriate areas without a lot of physical monitoring.

Law Enforcement: Law enforcement agencies can use the Iris recognition system to identify repeat offenders, known criminals, terrorists and escapees quickly and securely to thwart any attempt to create an undesirable law and order situation. Impersonators using false or fake documents can also be quickly identified. The system can also be used in prisons to accurately tag and identify inmates at the time of booking or release. The system has the potential to eliminate cases of mistaken identity. 

Hospitals & Medical centres: A common reason for inappropriate treatments is the inaccurate identification of the patients. Iris recognition can improve the way patients are being treated by identifying them during the admission and retrieving their medical history. This can also assist insurance companies or government healthcare scheme to identify the correct person for claiming the benefits or insurance. 

Banking and Finance: Today banks and financial institutions face a great challenge to avoid any fraud during the transactions and theft of critical bankers’ information. Banks can utilize our iris scanners to authorize access or transactions to prevent fraudulent transaction, phishing and unauthorized access to accounts, financial data and customer management systems. Incorporating iris recognition system to the ATM and other vending machines can ensure only valid transactions are performed by the customers ensuring protection both to the bank and their customers. Such financial institutions can share the customer’s data with authorised clients or third parties to provide privileged benefits to their customers such as rapid loan or overdraft approvals etc. after they are verified by the appropriate banking staff.

National Identity: An increasing number of countries are incorporating Iris scans apart from other biometrics into the identification programs for its citizens. This is helping countries to distinguish between legitimate and illegal inhabitants of the state more reliably. The increased accuracy of identification is also helping the central and state governments to channel welfare measures more efficiently towards its legal residents and ensures schemes and other benefits approved by respective governments reaches to the intended citizens.

Automobile Security: Biometric verification can replace the traditional ignition systems to ensure that only authorized personnel are able to drive a vehicle. Defence, law enforcement, Cash/Valuable-in-transit vehicles are prime candidates for these kind of security systems.

Point-Of-Sale (POS) terminals: Iris recognition can replace the existing PIN based authentication at POS terminals to enhance the security of transactions and prevent fraudulent transactions.