Who we are?

Biomatiques is leading the way in Iris Recognition Technology as the only indigenous Indian manufacturer whose singular vision is to continue the development of the best yet simplest and most accurate Iris Recognition technology for our end users. Our highly trained engineers and managers are engaged with many local and international firms to provide sales and OEM support to our clients and business partners thereby ensuring only the highest quality of the products reaches the end users who include many government, large business and industries.

By focusing on quality and latest technology, Biomatiques ensures a high level of identity security and access control with their range of Iris scanners and Iris recognition software provided to end-users worldwide.

What we do?

Our experienced team at Biomatiques Identification Solutions Pvt Ltd, with their in-depth knowledge in areas of hardware design, embedded systems and software development continuously works towards providing customized, cost-effective and reliable solutions to our clients. We use our patented hardware technology and copyrighted Iris recognition software to make our solutions versatile and viable.

Our goal is to deliver the best and compact Iris scanning hardware along with a quick Iris Recognition SDK. We also offer custom casing design solutions tailored to meet your requirements for most of our products.

Our range of products, including stand alone and cluster, provide security solutions for individuals, townships, government departments and from small-medium enterprises to large corporations.

The areas of application for our products are limitless. From tracking employees’ schedule adherence, basic access control mechanisms in apartments to large corporates, immigration, law enforcement and many more our products can be deployed in several areas.


Biomatiques Identification Solutions Pvt Ltd has developed several biometric Iris recognition solutions using its patented hardware and copyrighted Iris Feature Extraction and matching algorithm. We provide comprehensive and customized solutions to our clients who come from diverse fields of business with varying levels of application.

We continue to increase our market share by offering an increasingly innovative and latest Iris based products. Our products have a wide variety of application such as monitoring Time & Attendance, Access Control, Social Security & Healthcare, Law Enforcement and many more.