Time & Attendance

Border Control

Most organization face challenges in capturing attendance and utilization related data for their employees. Our products used in conjunction with our proprietary “Time & Attendance” software gives you a very good control over “Clock in and Clock Out” times of your employees apart from providing an access control mechanism. This can help you maximise the efficiency of your employees. The data can be further used by managers, Payroll or HR to automate their functions. It also helps reduce administration costs with the elimination of time cards and access cards.

Iris based biometrics consistently reduce both direct and indirect labour costs and provide a platform for workforce management, a critical factor in optimizing operational efficiency for organizations of all sizes. In fact, many organisations that have adopted Iris based time attendance have recorded significant benefits justifying the implementation costs.

Our eParakh Time & Attendance software provide comprehensive tool that can be used by small business to large organizations including government and corporate to efficiently manage their employees time utilization.