Access Control

​Access control is currently one of the key objectives of installing Iris recognition based security solutions. Our products can cater to the security requirements of both government and private entities who aim to protect their human capital,Intellectual property and physical resources. This also helps maintain an audit trail of all those who access a particular area.

Data Centre: Data centres are an ideal location for deploying Iris recognition based access control. The data centres are repositories for huge amounts of data that could have been collected from various sources over a large amount of time. While most of these centres have very good security mechanisms like firewalls and backup sites to prevent electronic attacks on their data, the real challenge lies in preventing unauthorised access in a secure and reliable manner.

Research centre: Research centres for pharmacy, defence, biotech companies contain sensitive data obtained through years of effort and spending millions of dollars. Loss of such data can lead to financial losses through competition, patent & IP infringements. Fool proof access control is imperative at such facilities where protective gear is routinely used. Iris based access control is the most ideal solution as it relies a non-contact method of authentication. Several countries also make it mandatory by law for such facilities to ensure access to only to the right people.

Critical Infrastructure: Infrastructural facilities like power plants, water treatment and distribution facilities, defence establishments, space centres cannot afford to have fallible access control measures due their critical nature. Access control using Iris recognition provides a robust solution for such areas.

Building: Corporate, government and residential buildings, warehouses can use a central controlling unit to monitor and secure multiple entry points or a standalone unit for a single entry point using the Iris recognition system.

Hotels and Resorts: An increasing number of hotels are using Iris recognition based access system for their guests especially for high end suites in a hotels and resorts. More and more guests are voluntarily opting for Iris based access compared to the keys. The technology ensures privacy for guests and ensures the best security of their personal belongings. This also helps hotels and resorts minimize the on-going maintenance cost of replacing the key cards and provide value added services such as repeating guests, their likes and preferences etc.

Leisure parks present another area to implement Iris recognition. Through this, the parks can ensure that longer-term tickets are being used by intended person themselves and not being swapped. The authentication can also ensure that only guests that meet the criteria for a ride are able to enter them. It also serves as an authentication for guests who stay over at large theme parks. The system can also provide a safeguard to the maintenance facilities and other amenities that are only to be used by authorized staff. Our products such as USB iris scanners, safes for in-room facilities, centrally controlled multiple door locking systems and locker rooms are ideal solutions for hotels, resorts and leisure parts to provide state of the art facilities to their privileged guests.


Hospitals & Medical centres: Our access control systems along with time and attendance system can help hospitals and medical centres keep a record of employees’ time utilization and restrict the access to facilities to authorised individuals. Our file cabinets and locker systems can help provide secure storage for doctors, surgeons and administration department.

Banking and Finance: Banks can also offer iris based lockers to safeguard their customers’ personal belongings to further add benefits to their customers.