Future Products

eParakh® POS
The eParakh POS is an Iris based Point-Of-Sale system designed to be deployed at the ATMs, merchant establishments, restaurants and any such outlets where financial transactions are facilitated through either a prepaid, debit or credit card. Using this device can substitute the commonly used PIN based authentication or provide an additional layer of fool proof authentication to the customers. The device has the ability to mitigate security issues faced by both card issuing authorities and customers like skimming, fraudulent transactions, lost PINs etc.
eParakh iEagle
The eParakh iEagle enables Iris scanning at distance with rapid recognition rate of up to 40 people per minute. It is an Ideal solution for many busy offices and industries who wants to secure their premises and entry points to authorized personnel only.
eParakh iStand

The eParakh iStand is a multipurpose standalone device. The device can be used for time and attendance, access control of critical areas and many more including door access control for single entry points.


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